Light weight - High strength - Low cost


Imagine wheat straw in products that we see and use everyday. From storage containers, to furniture and toys; in your house and in your car.



  • our wheat straw Biofillers are milled to specification on particle size and aspect ratio
  • Wheat Straw Biofiller Grade Characteristics
    (nominal average length)
    WSBF-TH 5+ mm chopped only
    WSBF-15 3.5 mm chopped, milled, sieved
    WSBF-25 2 mm chopped, milled, sieved
    WSBF-35 0.75 mm chopped, milled, sieved
    WSBF-45 <0.1 mm chopped, milled, sieved

  • available in powder/fiber form, or encapsulated in a polymer as concentrate
  • can be custom designed to suit application and industry needs


  • environmentally friendly
  • cost savings
  • lighter than mineral fillers
  • reinforcing characteristics
  • natural look and scent

Automotive Plastic Composites - A Brief History

  • 1920s - Henry Ford uses hemp for prototype parts
  • 1941- Ford build a “hemp” car
  • 1950 - almost no plastic in cars
  • 2012 (today): average of about 120 kg of plastic in every car built
  • 2020: bio-based plastics could replace up to 90% of the total amount of petroleum-derived plastics consumed globally in 2007 [European Study]