Heat - Steam - Electrical power - Carbon dioxide


OMTEC produces hydroponically grown ethno-cultural vegetables such as bottle gourd (lauki) and ridged gourd (tauri) from seed.

OMTEC's specially designed system delivers heat, power and carbon dioxide from the combustion of wheat straw solid fuel. Customized sizing of system is tailored to each greenhouse's needs, to complement or replace existing systems.


  • the heat from biomass combustion can be used to generate low pressure steam (< 15 psig.)
  • some of the steam energy is used to produce electricity using a low-pressure steam turbine/generator system(1kW-10kW)
  • combustion flue gas is purified and carbon dioxide (CO2) is extracted for greenhouse use


  • Greenhouse heating and electricity production from biomass fuel


  • Biomass boiler for low pressure steam (< 15 psig)
  • Steam Generator
  • Turbine Electrical Power Generator (1kW-10kW)
  • Flue gas Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and purification


  • Heat production from locally available biomass fuel